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Senior Hikers: 7 Life-Saving Tips Rarely Mentioned

Maybe you’re like me and are a senior hiker. With being an older hiker there come some life-threating safety concerns on the trail. Hiking is a fantastic solution to warding off the ravages of age. It is a great way to get back in shape. Firm up a few muscles. Lose a little weight.

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hiking backpack for a carry on

Can You Take A Hiking Backpack For A Carry-On

When I was recently planning an extended hiking trip in another county, the foremost thought that gripped my mind was hefting my gear around in a wheelie bag. In addition, not only would packing my belongings in a suitcase cost more in airline fees, but it would add to my overall travel stress.

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The Geez

Older Senior Hiker

Hey older hikers, I’m Dan Cousins, The Geez behind Old Geezer Hiking. Having started hiking and backpacking in my twenties, the call of the beautiful outdoors and adventure still beckons me.

Tag along with me as you explore how to hike safely and gain confidence on the trail. Learn about the latest gear for older hikers. Discover how to dehydrate your food for nutritious tasty meals on the trail.

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