Finding the perfect gift for the holidays just got easier with our hot list of gift ideas! Discover 17 useful hiking gifts under $25 that you will want to make sure and give your favorite hiker this holiday.

The end of the year is always a great time to shower those we love with gifts. Sometimes, it might be difficult to choose one for your favorite hiker or backpacker. You might be thinking you have no idea how to select the perfect present for the outdoor enthusiasts on your list.

No matter who you’re buying for, our list has the ideal selections. Rest assured The Geez picked out useful hiking gifts for you to give.

The following are the top 17 useful hiking gifts for the backpacker on your list.

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#1 America’s Best Day Hikes Book

Starting off our list is this great book for hike and travel enthusiasts. Author Derek Dellinger, a reputable Writer-Photographer excellently captures 50 iconic day hikes across the United States. It’s important to note that the 50-day hikes aren’t for each state as some states such as Colorado, with plenty of hiking places, get more.

It’s more of a wish book than a regional guide. All the advice contained such as route descriptions is useful and clear.

This is a great gift for anyone into adventure, travel, and hiking. If you have a loved one who’s always had plans to explore the country, grab this book for them.


#2 Forking Good Backpacking Cookbook

Forking Good is another incredible write-up for ardent backpackers and food aficionados. The book shares tips on how to transform your backpacking into a sumptuous and thrilling culinary experience. Awful frozen dried meals are a thing of the past.

Author Dan Cousins, an avid backpacker, and hiker provide insights, how-to, and guidelines to prepare and create meals that everyone on your crew will enjoy.

A striking about the cookbook is that it doesn’t sound or read like one – it’s more like a story. Enjoyable, fun, and highly valuable. Moreover, the recipes taste great. Learn how to not only save money while backpacking but also how to eat healthy while at it.

Forking Good one of the best hiking gifts for passionate backpackers, hikers, and culinary experiences on the trail.



#3 Ultralight Spork

Doesn’t bend, hold its shape, super-lightweight, and high-quality are the words that describe this product. The package from FinessCity Store comes in a set of one or two sporks. The set has a bottle opener that you can use both outdoors and indoors.

Other notable highlights of this spork are that it is eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and durable.

Moreover, they are high-temperature and corrosion-resistant. Using and handling the set is a breeze. The set’s washable cloth cover is handy at keeping the spork away from dust and dirt.

Add this spork to your stocking stuffer list. It is another one of those incredible hiking gifts for camping, backpacking, and travel fanatics.


#4 Personal Ground Cloth

Say goodbye to water/wet and mud seeping through when sitting outdoors with this personal ground cloth. This sand-proof blanket is a great accessory for hikers, beach yoga devotees, or anyone into the outdoors. The ground cloth can also be handy when kneeling for gardening.

Have a loved one, into champagne picnics at outdoor festivals? It’s a necessary addition to remaining dry and cozy on festivals, picnics, and hikes. In terms of size, this tarp isn’t that big but roughly two adults can sit on it comfortably together.

This personal ultralight groundsheet is indeed a worthy investment as a gift. Want to know more about this great accessory? Click here. It’s one of those items you don’t know you need it until you try it. Your hiker will love it!


#5 Fingerless Sun Gloves

Say goodbye to aging, skin toughening, and sunspots when hiking courtesy of these pair of gloves. The fingerless sun gloves feature super comfortable and lightweight fabric that makes them easy on the hands.

They bring with them half finger design that facilitates full maneuverability and dexterity.

The fact that they are machine washable means they do not stretch out or shrink after washing. To make them more long-lasting, avoid using fabric softeners when washing them.

The gloves have been not only tested but also verified by the SGS Group, a global scientific testing company, for safe use.

Grab this accessory as a survival hiking gift for the holidays.


#6 Ultralight Trail Coffee Mug

GSI Outdoors is one of the reputable companies in the outdoor business. Having been in the business for more than 15 years, the company has been producing high-quality dining products and cookware. This mug is no different.

Backpacking will never be the same with this mug! Maintain the warmth of beverages when traveling or on the trail.

Featuring non-leaching polypropylene, the mug comes cloth-wrapped in an insulated neoprene sleeve. Its sealable sip-lid lid and non-slip footing not only keep content warm but also free from critters, trail dust, and spills.

Graduations and inside cup views make it effortless to measure contents. It can hold 17.5 fluid ounces.

It’d make a great hiking gift for those into backpacking, or hiking. Folks can also carry it to work or use it for travel.


#7 Lightweight Hiking Sun Shirt

Sport this shirt and turn heads the next time you’re active outdoors. Whether you’re stepping out for boating, camping, hiking, fishing, running, or even climbing, dawning this shirt makes a statement.

Stand out from the crowd while enjoying the sun’s glare. It is customized to make you look cool even when the heat is on. It has SPF 50 rating to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

If you or your loved one enjoys the outdoors, then it is the ideal purchase.


#8 Sea to Summit Dry Bag

Are you or your loved one into rugged water sports such as rafting, canoeing, or kayaking, or needing to keep your hiking gear dry? Well, you should consider buying this dry bag. Having this Sea to Summit dry bag will go miles to ensure your gear remains dry throughout.

The bag is abrasion resistant, strong, and highly durable. It utilizes a sturdy 420D waterproof Nylon fabric. With its interior lining, the bag has greater visibility coupled with durable attachment lash loops that facilitate secure attaching or stacking to watercraft or any other equipment.

Its waterproof Hypalon roll-top closure is functional as it does not wick water thus providing greater protection for your gear.

A must have hiking gift for your favorite backpacker!

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#9 Wool Hiking Socks

Hiking socks aren’t your normal socks. These need to be durable, yet comfortable. This is exactly what you get when you buy this pair of socks.

Their boot height means that they sit mid-calf for enhanced warmth and protection. It is the sturdy companion you need for your next hiking or backpacking trip.

Through the sock’s ribbed support, you don’t have to grapple with blisters, bunching, or slipping. The socks have the ultimate fiber for improved comfort and breathability.

Put them on for your next hiking trip and discover their magical nature.


#10 High Powered LED Headlamp

This headlamp is another hiking gift idea we think is worth it for the holidays. Its super bright LED boasts the power to illuminate up to 250 feet or 85 meters. Whether you need it to light up your campsite or the trail, it does so with so much ease.

It boasts a long-lasting construction with the ability to withstand up to 3 foot (one-meter) drop test. On top of being water-resistant, it also has other impressive features such as a shatterproof lens, seven versatile modes, long run time, and a super bright LED.

Buy it and never have to worry about lighting or safety issues at the setting of the sun when outdoors.


#11 Ultralight Gerber Knife

Knives are a great addition not only at home but also if you’re into hunting, camping, backpacking, or hiking.

Sturdy pocket clip and frame lock handle design are the two notable features of this knife. In addition to being easy to clean, the knife also opens easily. Its smooth stainless-steel handle coupled with a clip makes it secure for travel.

The knife’s simplicity relates so much to its functionality and form. Its clip point is an ideal feature to cut in close quarters. In terms of sturdiness, craftsmanship, and ergonomic design, there’s no doubt that this knife has it all.

Another hiking gift that is handy on the trail.


#12 Ultralight Inflatable Pillow

Often, when out camping, we tend to compromise on our comfort! Never do that again especially when it comes to your sleep.

The TREKOLOGY comfort pillow is tailored to offer ergonomic support to guarantee a comfortable sleep.

This inflatable pillow features an ergonomic design that makes a great accessory for hiking, camping, or backpacking.

It is compact and ultralight. The bag packs down into a small stuff sack that fits right on your hand’s palms.

The fact that it is extremely supportive means you’re sure of a comfortable and peaceful sleep even when on the trail far away from your bed.


#13 Ultralight First Aid Kit

Regardless of your profession or favorite hobby, we appreciate the importance of having a first aid kit handy.

This ultralight/watertight is the ideal addition when stepping out for any outdoor activity.

It features two-stage waterproofing coupled with a super lightweight of only 3.6 oz. Although it is lightweight, you can rest assured that it is durable.

On top of that, it comes stocked with important medical supplies to bandage and clean wounds, dress blisters, treat muscle aches, or any other kind of outdoor injuries.

The two-stage waterproofing protects your first aid kit from the harsh elements, assuring your contents are safe.

Your first aid kit hiking gift will keep your hiker safe on the trail.


#14 Backcountry Potty Trowel

Using this potty trowel will surprisingly impress you by how light yet tough and effective this trowel is.

It boasts a mind-bending and unique stealth feature that makes it usable even on hard grounds. The handle’s end is efficient for wheedling out rocks or breaking up tough dirt.

You can then use its scoop end to pull the dirt out effortlessly and quickly. With that incredible combination, having it when in the woods is necessary. Its thin feature informs its lightweight nature.

Both its weight and handle make handling of this potty trowel a walk in the park.


#15 Unisex Merino Wool Beanie

This beanie is an absolute game-changer when it comes to merino wool beanies. It not only keeps your head warm but is also breathable. You don’t have to grapple with constant itching and scratching that leaves your scalp all red.

Although you’ll have to kinda stretch it to fit your head, you can rest assured that the material doesn’t stretch out. It is more of a light to medium weight kind of beanie, available in many colors.

It is not too heavy nor too thin. If you’re looking for a super breathable, super stretchy, and super wonderful beanie for hiking gifts, then you should consider this one.

At its price point, it is indeed a great bargain.


#16 Sea to Summit Collapsible Bowl

The fact that this collapsible bowl has good capacity, folds flat, is light, and has solid bottom makes it an important addition for a backpacking trip. This bowl will quickly become one of your hiker’s most useful hiking gifts.

A notable highlight of this bowl is that it has a cut-resistant and stiff bottom, and food-grade walls. What makes the bottom so strong is the fact that it is made of high-temperature-resistant nylon.

Its flexible silicone is what makes it foldable or collapsible to make it handy for compact packing. Note that the silicone sides are efficient at resisting temperatures from hot surfaces or even food. It can handle temperatures of up to 300 degrees C.

The flexibility of the sides is handy when liquids are poured out. the bowl’s foldable nature means you don’t have to put up with space issues.


#17 Nalgene Water Bottle

Finally, yet importantly, we have this water bottle for your daily adventure. The Nalgene water bottle features indestructible BPA-free Tritan and is dishwasher safe making cleaning it a breeze. Take it anywhere you go, from camping or gym to the office.

The bottle is handy for both cold and warm beverages. Its wide mouth makes it effortless to add ice cubes and clean. It is free of harmful compounds such as phthalates, BPS, and BPA. The 32 oz water bottle is marked with ounces and milliliters that make measurement easy.

Whether you want an indestructible bottle for your office or backcountry adventure, this one has it all.


With the holidays around the corner, it is only wise to start shopping for the best hiking gifts for your favorite hiker.

Feeling stuck on choosing the best gift? Check out any of our 17 gift ideas above and make your decision an easy one.

All the best in your hiking gifts selection!

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