Who said backpacking food couldn’t be healthy and delicious?

Forking Good is all about turning backpacking food into exciting culinary experiences. Learn simple secrets for creating heat-n-eat backpacking meals.

Achieve the mastery of dehydrated backpacking food whether you’re a beginner or experienced. The cookbook provides guidelines, know-how, and tips to create amazing meals that will please kids and grown-ups alike.

Experience the taste sensation of omelets and gourmet pasta dishes to recipes for beef jerky and fresh-squeezed juices, the possibilities are truly endless!

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Author Dan Cousins has always been passionate about two things throughout his life: family, and the beautiful outdoors.

For this reason, he has been sharing his love for hiking and backpacking with the world, not only as a way to explore some of nature’s most beautiful gifts but also as a way to bond with friends and make some amazing memories along the trail!

With many adventures under his belt, The Geez has had the opportunity to perfect the fine art of backpacking food dehydration and meal creation, becoming the party’s favorite camp chef and dishing out many mouth-watering camp meals in the process!

Dan will take you hand in hand on an exciting journey, where you will not only learn how to become a better cook but also how to provide your family with healthier meal alternatives on the trail that actually taste great.

  • Discover the best everyday ingredients to use
    for your tasty meals.
  • Food safety and instructions on how to use
    different methods of drying food.
  • How to do the prep work at home, then
    just heat-n-eat in camp.
  • Save money and be healthier. Just say
    no to the typical freeze-dried backpacking food!
  • Get backpacking insights to make your meals
    on the trail easier.
  • Enjoy the fun stories of hiking and backpacking
    with six little girls and three dads.

a food dehydrator with fresh vegetables

Explore Being Your Own Chief

Explore being your own chef! Turn making easy backpacking food into exciting culinary experiences and unleash the full potential of your own wilderness trek, making some amazing memories along the trail.

Buy your copy of “Forking Good” now, and get cooking!


See What Readers Are Saying

I’ve been a backpacker for over 50 years. I’ve been a chef the past 25. (There was 20 years beforehand in the military that afforded me an opportunity to live and hike in Europe meant 10 of those years.)
This book would have been my new favorite book had the Internet been invented back then. Even now I am an avid jerky maker and dehydrator. As a culinary instructor I even teach my students how to duo so.
I really enjoyed reading this. I especially liked how the authors got their daughters into hiking.   – CJs Pirate

As a backpacker who hates waste and spending unnecessary money I found this book to be just what the doctor ordered! I can now make delicious meals with foods from my local store. I especially like the tips and tricks Dan shares. Knowing these recipes are all extensively trail-tested gives me confidence to live beyond my pop tart, oatmeal, and tuna packs!   -K.Neufeld



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