OK, so what is an old geezer hiker?
Think of crusty yet oh so refined – definitely irreverent. It’s kind of like fine wine. You know you have something good when it’s been aged to perfection!
Now, I’m not saying there aren’t a few improvements that could still be made along the way, (just ask my wife) but I like to think of myself as on the journey toward that goal, not over the hill.
Having started that journey early on, the call of the outdoors still beckons me.
Throughout the years I have been passionate about two things: family and the beautiful outdoors.
It is for this reason I have been sharing my love of backpacking and hiking with others.
Not only is this a way to explore some of nature’s most beautiful gifts, but also it’s a way to connect with fellow backpackers and hikers young and old, sharing resources, tips, gear reviews, know-how, and incredible stories!
I have had the privilege of exploring some of the most beautiful and iconic places in the world and show no signs of slowing down (yet), still enjoying the beauty of the trail… and a good cup of coffee by my side!
Tag along with me on this journey as we explore the best places to hike, the latest backpacking and hiking equipment for older hikers, and learn to dehydrate your food for tasty meals on the trail.
Let’s Get Over the Hill Together!


life has been full of adventures!