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Old Geezer Hiking is a community perfectly fit for people of all ages who love the outdoors, hiking, and backpacking. We range from just beginning to seasoned adventurers.  

As older adult hikers, we face many challenges. So, The Geez himself shares resources that help keep things safe, on track, and fun on the trail. 

The experiences range from basic know- how to the extreme. Along this journey, you find tips, resources, and information that makes the art of hiking for seniors or backpacking for seniors easier, more enjoyable, and addicting.

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Resources for Hikers of All Ages

Share our experiences, lessons learned, and recommended gear that make a positive difference in enjoying extended backpacking and hiking adventures.

So, what do you need to get started hiking or backpacking? Not a lot. A little know-how, basic equipment, and the confidence to just do it.

The Old Geezer Hiking site is a place to find community, helpful information, and to read about experiences that inspire, teach, and motivate you.

Hiking Knowledge from The Geez

People of all ages take up hiking or backpacking for many reasons. What do you hope to get out of hiking as a senior?

For many older hikers, gaining health or mobility is a prime reason to hit the trail. Safety is also a big concern for many older adults who want to start hiking or have already begun to hike and enjoy finding more complex challenges, bigger mountains to climb, or start to backpack.

Our article library is full of helpful information, written by The Geez and full of hands-on knowledge. An example is:

Hiking for Seniors: How to Decide What Hiking Poles to Get


More About The Geez

OK, so what is an old geezer hiker?

Think of crusty yet oh so refined – definitely irreverent. It’s kind of like fine wine. You know you have something good when it’s well-aged and perfect. 

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t a few improvements that could still be made along the way, just ask my wife, but I like to think of myself as on the journey toward that goal, not over the hill.

Having started that journey early in my twenties, the call of the outdoors still beckons me.

Throughout the years, I have been passionate about the beautiful outdoors. It is for this reason I have been sharing my love of backpacking and hiking for seniors with others.

Not only is this a way to explore some of nature’s most beautiful gifts, but also, it’s a way to connect with fellow backpackers and hikers young and old, sharing resources, tips, gear info, know-how, and incredible stories!

I have had the privilege of exploring some of the most beautiful and iconic places in the world and show no signs of slowing down (yet), still enjoying the beauty of the trail and a good cup of coffee by my side!

Tag along with me on this journey as we explore the best places to hike, the latest backpacking and hiking equipment for older hikers, and learn to dehydrate your food for tasty meals on the trail.

Let’s Get Over the Hill Together!

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Mt. Whitney, California USA
cover of Forking Good Backpacking Cookbook
Dehydrate Your Own Backpacking Food
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