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Old Geezer Hiking is a community intended for older hikers but is perfectly fit for people of all ages who love the outdoors, hiking, and backpacking. We range from beginners to seasoned adventurers.

As an older adult community, we face different challenges. So, The Geez himself shares resources that help keep things safe, on track, and fun on the trail.

The experiences range from basic know-how to hiking extremes. Along this journey, you will find tips, resources, and information that makes the art of hiking for seniors and backpacking for seniors easier, more enjoyable, and addicting. 


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The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, as the saying goes. At Old Geezer Hiking, we understand that sometimes we all need some help. Hiking may seem like simply putting one foot in front of the next, but it is a bit more. Inside, we give you the tried-and-true hiking tips for senior hikers. Each tip is trail tested by The Geez himself. 

Old Geezer Hiking focuses on keeping hiking and backpacking safe, fun, and keeping you on the trail for years to come. 

What Senior Hiking Tips to Expect

If you are new to hiking, we start with how-to information. Maybe you’ve mastered flatland walking, and now you are ready to add some incline to that routine. That is all hiking is — a slight incline. With a few hiking techniques and some comfortable boots, you are ready to begin that journey of a thousand miles. 

The Basics — learn tips and tricks that get you off on the right foot. These essential tips touch on types of hiking shoes, equipment, and health concerns. How much water should you bring? Do you pack lunch or not? How do you communicate if there is an emergency, and your cell phone does not work? Do GPS maps work? These kinds of questions are common when you start out hiking. The Geez tries to take the guesswork out by flattening the learning curve. You start on the right foot, and you keep going. 

Trail Safety — Nothing takes the fun out of hiking more than physical dangers or a medical emergency. Trail safety is all about prevention, especially as older hikers. Tips and tricks that help prevent physical hazards or a medical emergency can be as simple as wearing a bell on your shoe. 

Healthy Hiking — learn more about exercises you can do at home before hiking—also, the types of foods that are full of energy when you need it most. Fight dehydration by bringing enough water and electrolytes with you to keep you wet without weighing you down. Tips and tricks that boost health help to keep you on the trail for years and years. 

What to Bring — What are the essentials? They include items, such as protection from the elements, trekking poles, water, food, and so much more. The first trick to packing for hiking is to keep it light, in fact, ultra-light. Ready to get started? Then dive right in with our hiking tips for seniors. 

Off Trail is where you go when you want to prepare for hiking, hiking a new trail, or trying a more challenging hike or backpacking trek. 

Training and Prepping for Senior Hiking

A lot goes into a successful hike, just like there is a lot that goes into a successful vacation. For seniors, training for hiking is essential. The good news is that training for hiking is very accessible. In fact, we should define training as working to improve:

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Depth of knowledge

There is also the part about making sure that your hiking or backpacking gear is in good repair. If you lost weight, do your boots still fit? These are the sort of questions you want to answer before you are a mile into a new hike. Off the Trail is the place where we get ready for new adventures. Keep reading as The Geez teaches you how to prepare to succeed at hiking and backpacking. 

Safety Precautions for Hiking

Fitness — Build a routine that helps improve your fitness. Doing so enables you to hike farther or take on more challenging trails. 

Health — Learn how to optimize your health so that it does not hold you back from enjoying the adventures of hiking. 

Gear Repair — To help you succeed at the best hikes or backpacking treks your hiking equipment must be maintained. Let us teach you different strategies to repair your gear both on and off the trail. 

Seek Information about Hiking — Knowledge is the key and the core of Old Geezer Hiking. Learn about hiking, safety, and specific trails or how to prepare for hiking a new trail. Inside this community is a sanctuary where we learn and grow together as hikers and backpackers. Every step is positive with safety, knowledge, and growth. So start now and prepare to hit the trail. 

You don’t have to spend a fortune to start backpacking or hiking. In fact, you shouldn’t. Please keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it affordable. Inside, we go over the best attributes of hiking and backpacking gear. Then, we focus on affordable products that offer an excellent return on investment (ROI) and are ultra-lightweight. 

Functionality over Price 
Some of the most expensive backpacking gear is utter junk. Some low-mid level priced hiking gear may be excellent, long-lasting, and not so expensive. The point is that whatever you buy must function as you expect it to.  An example would be trekking poles that are not comfortable to use, heavy, or won’t hold up to a long day on the trail. The item’s price is not nearly as important as its ability to function, and there are options for affordably priced items that have high functionality.

Keep it Ultra-Lightweight
Hiking is a little different from backpacking. You don’t need to take as much gear with you when you hike. With backpacking, you must pack and carry all your essentials — food, sleeping gear, clothing, gear, a compass, satellite communication device, first aid supplies, etc. The backpack and equipment to get you on the trail need to be ultra-lightweight because, at the end of a 5-15 mile stint of the trail, all that stuff on your back oddly becomes heavier. The idea of backpacking is to take only what you need and keeping it light so it doesn’t bog you down. You’re supposed to be enjoying the trail, the scenery, and the experience. As you prep to start hiking or backpacking, look for ultra-lightweight products. Come back and continue to check out our Gear Picks. We are building our list of the best budget ultralight backpacking gear.

Sometimes the most challenging part of a hike is not getting over the hill but back down it. At Old Geezer Hiking, we’ve been through it. If you want to learn how to pick the best hiking trail or experience the story behind the hiking trail, then you are in the right spot. Keep reading as The Geez gives you tips, tricks, and some tried and true ways to pick the best hiking trail. 

What Are The Risks and Hazards of the Hiking Trail

The hazards and risks of hiking may be directly related to the trail. For example, is the route too difficult or strenuous, or are there physical dangers, such as narrow trails or pathways? Is wildlife an issue? Is the trail in a high-crime area? 

Learning how to spot dangers or risks is one of the best ways of preventing accidents. The Geez shares trail information from a senior hiking perspective and tips to make trails work for you. He shares information about:

  • Seasonal aspects of hiking — The same trail may be very different in winter than in spring or summer. 
  • Tips that make you a stronger, healthier hiker or backpacker. 
  • Trail Health for Senior hikers 
  • How diet and exercise play a role in becoming a successful hiker
  • Trail stories that entertain and teach. 

As a community, we believe in sharing information. The more you know going in, the better your hike will be. Knowledge is the power that allows you to prepare for every adventure, and the process helps maximize the enjoyment you experience. 

If you are new to hiking, welcome. We are a community of the young and old, the novice and the seasoned hiker. If you are ready to get into hiking, keep reading. If you’ve been over the hill a few times, there are tips and tricks that you might enjoy. Be sure to read the trail stories as they are full of humor and wisdom. 

One of the core pillars at Old Geezer Hiking is preparation. When it comes to backpacking that is the first item on the list. Without proper preparedness, you will go hungry, freeze, and might not make it back. 

If you have ever eaten an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat), you probably tasted a ton of salt, fat, and sugar. However, good backpacking food recharges you, fuels your next move, and sits nicely after a long day’s hike. 

Good nutrition is another pillar of successful hiking and backpacking. If you are focusing on health, fitness, and backpacking, you will want to learn how to make your own backpacking food. The good news is that you are in the right spot because The Geez has written a book called Forking Good. It is all about dehydrating food and the tips and tricks to creating unforgettable meals with health, fitness, and nutrition at the top of the list. Explore Backpacking Food and learn:

  • What are the best backpacking meals to dehydrate? 
  • About easy backpacking meals ideas
  • Nutrition for backpacking
  • Calorie Counting for Backpackers
  • How to make your own backpacking food

The Geez makes it easy to learn about food preparation for backpacking. The depth of knowledge he shares helps you build healthy and nutrient-rich foods you will enjoy while on a trek. Dehydrating your food is relatively easy. Learning about what you need in terms of calories and nutrition is made easier with Dan’s insight. He’s been hiking for over 50 years, and he has been over the hill a few times. 

Preparing your own backpacking food helps you design meals that address your body type, health, and fitness level. In addition, it is less expensive than buying prepackaged freeze-dried meals, and you get a more comprehensive array of meal options. If you are ready to learn more about how to make your own backpacking meals, keep reading. 

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